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Generally speaking our customers order the following tanks for specific rooms.  This is not a steadfast rule as every home or office is different and some wall fish tanks are better suited for certain environments.

Small Tanks are generally bought for kid’s rooms, kitchens, or bathrooms.  These tanks are normally 2-3 gallons and are recommended for only freshwater fish.  These wall aquariums usually hold 3-4 small fish such as guppies, platties, mollies, neons or 2 medium sized fish such as parrot fish.

Medium Tanks are generally bought for a bedroom, living room, or dinning room.  These tanks are normally 6 gallons and recommended for freshwater fish or saltwater fish (if specific directions are followed).  These wall aquariums hold 5-8 small fish such as guppies, platties, mollies, neons, or 3-4 medium sized fish such as parrot fish.

Large Tanks are generally bought for a larger bedroom, living room, or an office.  These wall aquariums are impressive to say the least!  These wall aquariums typically are used for salt water fish (yes, freshwater fish are fine too).  To set up a salt water fish tank we recommend a 20 pound bag of “live sand”, 2-3 pounds of live rock, and that the user will cycle the water for 2 weeks prior to adding fish.  The typical setup is 4-8 hermit crabs, 1-2 cleaner shrimp, 1-2 snails (the hermit crabs will eventually eat the snails for their shells), and 2 false percula (clown fish)…eventually you can add 2-3 damsels (blue, chromis, 3 stripe, yellow, and fiji damsels) work best.  It is very important to add fresh water (with amquel) as water evaporates and to change 20-25% of the water at least once every 3-4 weeks.  Changing the water is done using a siphon hose (yes, leave the fish in the aquarium).  Changing the water “cleans” the water by taking out ‘bad water’ out and replacing it with ‘clean water’.

The Extra Large Tanks (including Mega) are usually 20 gallons.  We have sold these to multi-million dollar homeowners, restaurants, and hotels.  These aquariums are incredibly impressive.  Almost always they are set up as a 20 gallon salt water aquarium.  The same setup as above, except 30 pounds of live sand and 5-8 pounds of live rock are used.  These aquariums, properly maintained will support 5-7 salt water fish.  Many of these aquariums are set up with a wrasse (fish) to help keep bacteria down.  We even have owners who will place a bat fish inside the aquarium (must be changed out every 6 months due to growth).  Many people also put a small school of cardinal fish in the aquarium or basic small green/black puffer fish.

Remember, the MOST important thing is changing the water and performing basic maintenance (i.e. cleaning the glass with the scrubber brush, and rinsing out the filter sponge) on a regular schedule.

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