Wall Aquarium Maintenance

Wall Aquairum Maintenance

Maintenance should not be a chore, but something enjoyable.  Consider maintenance to be akin to petting your dog and telling them you love them.

The fastest and simplest maintenance should be done regularly and include:

1. Turning off the filter, removing the sponge from the filter, rinsing the sponge off, putting the sponge back into the filter and turning it on.  We suggest you replace the sponge once every 6-12 months.

2. Wiping the inside of the aquarium.  Use the scrubber brush (or magnetic glass cleaner).  This takes all of 15-30 seconds no matter what size tank you have.  This is important because it gets rid of all the algae on the inside of the aquarium (algae usually contains bad bacteria).  NEVER use soap!

3. Changing the water.  We recommend 20-25% of the water be changed using the siphon hose every 3-4 weeks on your wall aquarium.  Changing the water slowly reduces the amount of ‘bad water’ and replenishes it with fresh ‘clean water’.

IF you ever want to clean any dead coral, plants, or other non-living items simply place them in a small bucket, fill with water, and add 1/2 cup of bleach (unscented).  Let this solution sit for 30-45 minutes…any bacteria will be killed.  Then empty the water, replace with new water and add chlorine remover (amquel)…you can either let it sit for 24 hours OR you can place all items outside on a sunny day and let the sun ‘bake’ of any chlorine.  We still recommend you let the items sit in an amquel solution for at least 2 hours after its been ‘baked’.

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