Saltwater vs. Freshwater

Saltwater or Freshwater Fish

Saltwater or Freshwater Fish?

The maintenance of Saltwater or Freshwater fish in a wall aquarium is nearly the same…with 1 main difference.

1. When you change the water you add saltwater back into the aquarium.

As water evaporates for both freshwater and saltwater wall aquariums you will need to add freshwater (not saltwater) with amquel.  The reason you do this for saltwater, as well, is because the salt does not evaporate…so the salinity will increase as there is less water.  By replacing the water with new freshwater (with amquel) you maintain the salinity at an appropriate level.

AlgaeFix may be added only to Freshwater wall aquariums.  AlgaeFix will help keep algae buildup to a minimum.  Unfortunately, you can not add algaefix to a saltwater aquarium.  If you have a lot of algae buildup in a saltwater aquarium its easiest (and most eco-friendly) to just add a few saltwater snails to the aquarium and let them clean the fish tank for you!

The typical “rule of thumb” for amount of fish is as follows:

Freshwater – add one 1″ fish per gallon (guppies, mollies, platties, neons, african cichlids, etc.)

Freshwater – add one 2″ fish per 2 gallons (i.e. parrot fish)

Saltwater – add one 1″ fish per 2.5 gallons  (i.e. damsels, clown fish, cardinals)

Crustaceans such as hermit crabs or cleaner shrimp do not count toward the fish total as the amount of ‘bioload’ they produce is minimal and these critters are beneficial to maintaining the eco-balance of a wall mounted aquarium.

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